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The Feelings stirred by the pinch of somebody’s hand, the sound of music, the smell of a bloom, a delightful nightfall, a masterpiece, love, chuckling, expectation and confidence – all work on both the oblivious and the cognizant parts of oneself, and they have physiological outcomes too. Bernie SiegelThoughts are the shadows of our emotions – constantly darker, emptier and more straightforward. Friedrich Nietzsche



In spite of the fact that I have a great deal of close female companions throughout my life, my main is as yet my mother. Without her, I wouldn’t have the qualities that I have and see the world the manner in which that I do today. She has shown me how to acknowledge and regard ladies. She instructed me gallantry and how to adore a lady and regard their sentiments and feelings. Shemar Moore

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.

that way, you will be a mile away and you will have their shoes.

God is absent in symbols. Your emotions are your god. The spirit is your sanctuary. ChanakyaI need to see my very own excellence and to keep on being reminded that I am sufficient, that I am deserving of affection without exertion, that I am wonderful, that the surface of my hair and that the state of my bends, the extent of my lips, the shade of my skin, and the emotions that I have are altogether commendable and alright.



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